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How it works

Upside surfaces stocks via the Discover categories driven by themes, signals, markets and user activity. Expand your horizons by adding stocks you are interested in into your Watchlist.

Driven from your Watchlist, your personalised Feed delivers a stream of diverse insights that are derived from multiple data sources including news, research, and technical indicators. Let your opinions emerge from this and be distilled into concrete Ideas.

Analytics and scoring provide objective measures of performance beyond simple hit/miss ratios or return metrics. Respond to the feedback loop and make your next Idea better than the last, kickstarting the journey to becoming a more confident and intentional investor.

35% of investors get ideas from social media*

Stop getting “tips” based on rumour and hearsay from social media strangers whose motivations you know nothing about.

At Upside we give you a continuously updating insights feed with analysts recommendations, technical indicators and news stories all based on stocks you’re interested in.

You can also discover new and exciting investment opportunities based on your risk appetite and strategy.

67% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs*

Stop guessing, gambling, and trading blindly.

At Upside we want you to stop copy trading and start putting your own investment ideas - based on data and facts - out into the world.

86% of investors under 40 are financially “illiterate”*

Stop being underserved by the tools that you are relying on to make your investment decisions.

Upside provides you with insights on indicators and metrics that can help you understand what you are facing when it comes to your investments.

Start your investing success story today. Stop guessing, start investing.

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