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New to investing? Don't worry, the Upside app has a whole host of in-app learning to get you started. Whether you want the basics explained in 2-minute videos or you prefer to take your time with long-form articles and blogs, it's all here.

Investment Ideas

Need some investment inspiration? The Upside app has over 2,300 investment Ideas created by our community. Learn what others are thinking about companies and track your favourite Ideas. Comment to get the conversation going and learn more about their rationale.

Portfolio Analysis

Got an investment portfolio but not sure about the weightings? Would you like to see how your individual stock holdings would perform best against your risk appetite? Why not try our free 3-step Portfolio Blueprint Builder?

Investment Insights

We've got insights on top of insights just spilling out of the app. Whether you're a fan of fundamentals, or technicals, more focussed on news articles, ESG ratings or want to know what analysts at top banks are thinking, it's all here for you at Upside.

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