The science of being right

Welcome to Upside Technologies, a unique space to build, sell, and buy world-class ranked and analysed investment ideas and portfolios.

Our proprietary technology not only connects investors and investment ideas, it also analyses hundreds of data points to provide actionable and meaningful feedback to the creators, in real-time, to help them develop and improve.

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Breaking down barriers

Traditionally, investment strategies are fiercely protected, and potential investors have to interact with multiple parties before they can actually buy or sell. The barriers to entry for those with an investment idea are high, and the costs to investors are greater than they need to be.

Here at Upside, we cut all these layers away, allowing investors to interact directly with the ideas people.

Untapping potential

We know that the best investment ideas don’t always come from someone who has worked in finance for 20 years - anyone can have a stellar idea on a listed company!

Currently, the investment industry is a closed shop - information is protected, relationships matter more than data, and the same large institutions dominate the field.

Upside exists because we fundamentally believe that anyone who has a great investment idea should have fair, competitive and affordable access, and that investors, whether retail or institutional, should be able to select their investments based on transparent and accessible data points.

The Upside Marketplace

The Upside Marketplace is a space for investment analysts, portfolio managers and investors.

Investors can confidently search for and buy anonymised and independently verified single name ideas or portfolios, without being stonewalled by fees and middlemen, as fees are set dynamically between buyer and seller in a totally secure setting.

We’re here to measure investment talent

Investing is easy. You have the skills and the intuition – all you’re missing is independent hard data about the accuracy of your investment ideas and suggestions on how to improve!

Whilst working at a $4bn hedge fund, Upside’s founding team developed a tool to help the fund managers compete on a global scale. For nine years we have been fine-tuning this tool and we realised there was an opportunity to open this tool up to everyone. We’re moneyballing investment ideas!

We want to fundamentally change the face of investing by investing in our users - using data driven analytics to help our users understand when and more importantly why their investment ideas are good, bad or just a lucky guess.

The Upside Academy

Our vision is an open world of investing where brilliant minds can enhance their skills through feedback, developing their abilities and ambitions.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you don’t know your EBITDA from your elbow, Upside can help you develop your skills through our online lecture series, as well as handy guides, worksheets and top tips.

Work with us

The Upside engine was born out of our belief in developing people. So, if you’re ambitious, help us change the face of investing by growing your talent alongside our business! You can find the link to our open roles at the bottom of the page.

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