The science of being right

Welcome to Upside Technologies, where we are changing the face of investing for companies, for investors, for everyone.

Our proprietary technology analyses hundreds of data points to provide actionable and meaningful feedback to investors, in real-time, to help them develop and improve.

Empowering you to make informed investments decisions

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The Industry

Currently, the investment industry is a closed shop - information is protected, relationships matter more than data, and the same large institutions dominate the field.

We know that the best investment ideas don’t always come from someone who has worked in finance for 20 years - anyone can have a stellar idea on a listed company!

The Issue

Investment and trading apps may have opened up the world of investing, but they don’t always provide the knowledge you need to succeed.

Investing is complex, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. At Upside we want to give everyone the opportunity to become brilliant investors who see gains instead of losses.

Don’t settle for copy trading, or acting on a tip you saw online. Make your own decisions based on hard data and facts.

Data Analytics

The power of the Upside ecosystem, and what differentiates us from “democratised” trading platforms is that we are looking to fundamentally change how people invest, by investing in them.

We empower investors by helping our users understand when their ideas were good, or bad, and importantly why.

The Upside

Whilst working at a $4bn hedge fund, Upside’s founding team developed a tool to help their fund managers compete on a global scale.

We’ve been fine-tuning this tool for 10 years. Upside analyses, educates, and informs investors, giving them the tools to be better investors for them and their future.

The simple truth

Investing doesn't need to be difficult. You have the skills and the intuition – all you’re missing is independent hard data about the accuracy of your investment ideas and suggestions as to how to improve.

Work with us

The Upside engine was born out of our belief in developing people. So, if you’re ambitious, help us change the face of investing by growing your talent alongside our business! See our open roles.

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