Data sits at the heart of everything we do. We collect it, then we weigh, measure and analyse it, hunting for patterns. Ex-ante is not a hope anymore.

Analytics for the sell side

Using advanced unstructured data analysis tools, we have been able to distill research to its core elements, using technology to make us more efficient in the discovery of relevant and accurate information.

What does it take to be a good analyst?
How do analysts compare?
How can they get better?
…and what is the “value” of research, piece by piece, line by line.

While history may not be a guarantee of future performance, we have learned that it provides an excellent guide. By analysing historic behaviours, opinions, comments and theses, we are able to make ever more accurate predictions as to the future efficacy of an idea in any number of circumstances.

Analytics for the buy side

80% of a portfolio's return is in its composition: the timing, the sizing, and interplay of names.
How do you do over time and in various market conditions?
What are your biases? What makes you tick? How can you get better?
Does P&L in the ‘bank’ increase your risk taking skill, or diminish it?

At Upside, we have a super smart bit of code that weighs and measures portfolios and the investment ideas within them. We encourage creators to trust their instincts as well as challenge their thinking. Our clever technology analyses, nudges, weighs, measures and observes to help both creators and buyers be more accurate and confident.

Analytics for all

For years the investment world has hidden in the dark ages, based on hunches, informational advantages, inefficiencies… but with today's data flow, we can all improve and we can all learn how to invest.

By measuring everything, Upside can help you - whatever your level - to get better, to make better decisions, to understand why - and importantly, to make money from selling stellar investment ideas or Curations.

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