The Upside Marketplace is a space for Investment Analysts, Portfolio Managers and Investors to build, sell, and buy world-class investment ideas and portfolios.

We are changing the game for everyone

Analysts and Portfolio Managers enter the Marketplace, filling it with their investment ideas and portfolios. Upside measures, weighs, and ranks these ideas, nudging users to explain and validate their thinking.

The ecosystem is built in levels which you graduate through as your ideas and thinking get better and better.

Investors can then search the Marketplace, viewing either single ideas or portfolios to purchase.

Each user in the ecosystem is totally anonymous, meaning we avoid the usual pitfalls and biases that cloud our judgement.

Anonymity allows buyers to see the facts clearly, and for sellers to grow and develop their skills outside of the traditional hedge fund environment. It introduces a new kind of competition.

This allows the Upside Marketplace to be a truly democratic and meritocratic space, where users are ranked on skill alone.

For the idea creators

The finance industry calls you an Analyst - we call you an Idea Creator.

You are the detail driven genius who is inspired by a new product, a macro shift, a change in the way we live, and sees the potential impact in the performance of a company.

You do the research, dive deep into the firm, the competition, the market and make a prediction on what will happen, and why. And then you put that idea up for sale in our Marketplace. If your idea is bought and performs well, you will get paid.

We will measure your idea in a multitude of ways, calculate its performance and rank its scores against other ideas. Most importantly, our AI gives you feedback on how to improve.

As your scores improve, the chances of your idea being bought increase, and the price you can command for your idea increases.

We believe that anyone can be an Idea Creator - Upside is here to help you on that journey.

For the Curator

If the Idea Creator knows how to source and grow the best ingredients, as a Curator, you know how to turn those ingredients into a delicious meal.

You are the person who has the skills and appetite to put the right ideas together in the right amounts to build a Curation based on an investment theme, region, sector, or whatever you choose.

You’ll continually adjust the Curation to react to micro and macro changes. You’ll then be able to sell those Curations in the Upside Marketplace to Investors looking for a Curation that matches the characteristics of yours.

You’ll be paid based on the performance of the Curations that you sell.

The beauty of our model is that unlike a Portfolio Manager being tied to one fund - with Upside, you can sell your Curation many times over, and be paid performance from each sale.

Upside’s Curation performance engine will measure your ability to pick the right ideas, as well as your sizing, timing and diversification decisions. You’ll be compared and ranked against your peers and get a 360 degree picture of your Curation management skill.

For the Buyer

Whether you are looking to buy individual investment ideas or Curations, the Upside Marketplace is your store.

You can search by sector, country, liquidity and many other attributes. You can also filter by the past performance of the Idea Creator or Curator themselves.

You have the option to purchase Ideas and Curations in a number of different ways: one shot, subscription or performance based. They can be bought with real-time or end-of-day accuracy, you can buy them with an agreed upon rule book or hedging, or free from any constraints, and with or without trading notes.

You can take investments away to trade yourself, or use regulated channels linked to the Upside ecosystem.

Fees are set dynamically between buyer and seller in a totally secure setting.

And better still, should you not find the perfect portfolio, you can have one made bespoke to your needs!

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