Our vision is an open world of investing where brilliant minds can enhance their skills through feedback, developing their abilities and ambitions.

The solution

In order to truly democratise investing, and build a meritocratic ecosystem, we want to help people improve and learn. So, we have designed and developed the Upside Academy.

To help us along this journey, we have teamed with some of the greatest institutions and minds. With the help of a Professor at King’s College London we’ve started to build our project based learning model, our Upside Academy.

The Academy allows people of all ages, and levels of sophistication to learn about investing and, more importantly, their way of investing.

Investing is not a one size fits all

In designing and building the Upside Academy, we decided to incorporate the ideals of journey-based learning as well as nudge theory.

The Upside Academy will launch in late 2021, with a series of open education channels, including:

For beginners: Investment 101, turning a hunch into an idea, and how to turn that idea into an investment.

For intermediates: Understanding sectors, weightings, portfolio construction.

For experts: Company specific analysis, macro factors and drivers, advanced risk management.

Mentor based learning programme

When enrolled in the Upside Academy, students will get personalised feedback through Upside’s analytics engine, as well as the opportunity to get involved in competitions, and to be ranked against the best investors and analysts in the world.

Investing is for everyone and by entering the Upside Academy, we will teach anyone who wants to learn.

There is a science to being right.

We will release more information about the Upside Academy later in 2021.

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