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What’s the Idea with Ideas?

Published on 11/02/2022

For those who don’t invest, there can be a mystique surrounding the investing world - graphs, numbers, acronyms all piling on top of one another to cause confusion. But at Upside, we believe that whilst, admittedly, investing can be complex, it actually doesn’t need to be difficult.

Every one of us interacts with listed companies every day, from social media, food brands, the mattress we sleep on, the chair we sit in, the car we drive, the clothes we wear. Because of this, we each have first-hand knowledge of the end product - how the company made us feel when we bought it, and how we feel wearing, eating, or using their product.

This gives everyone the basis to develop an investment idea and is the premise behind our app: accessible investing for everyone.

The Upside app is journey-based, starting with Discovery. Here, investors can find the companies they interact with or like the look of and add them to their Watchlist. You can click into specific stocks and learn all about them, from price charts and financials to ESG ratings and more.

Stocks added to your Watchlist then form the basis of your bespoke Feed - you’ll find news articles, technical indicators, analyst ratings, price alerts and other investors' Ideas on the stocks you have added to your Watchlist.

Like a detective would build a case, you take the pieces of information from the various insights to formulate your forecast on a company. Will the stock price go up or down? By how much, and over what timeframe?

This is how the pros do it; they use a framework in which to test their investment ideas, lay out all the information they have about them before they start trading. And that’s what the Upside app is doing too: providing you with the tools you need to see your investment thoughts clearly, rather than just jumping straight to trading.

When you’re ready to build, the Upside Idea building journey is a simple one: asking you to frame your thoughts on how a company will perform and your reasoning behind this view. Once you feel like your Idea is ready, you can publish it for the rest of the Upside community to view.

Finally, it’s time for the community element: commenting. If you want to explain your thinking further then add a comment to your idea and others can respond. Start a conversation, delve into an Idea and the thought and evidence behind it, ask questions, add your own thoughts.

If others like your Ideas they can track them, you can also impress your friends by sharing your investment Ideas with others - after all, sharing is caring, especially when it comes to opening up the mystical world that is investing.

Learning shouldn’t be a solo activity - the more information we can share, the more thought patterns we can poke at, the better we all become. At Upside, we’re making equities more equal because we’ll never see a change in the investing world without drawing back the curtain.

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