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The Robot

Published on 25/06/2020

Our worlds are becoming more and more tech dependent, from our reliance on mobile phones with their myriad apps, to online maps to get you to that hot new restaurant you’ve never heard of but your friends have been banging on about for months.

We have smart meters for our gas and electricity, smart doorbells that connect to our phones, smart cameras that help us keep an eye on pets when we’ve popped to the shops. You feel like you’re actually in the future - the real future from the movies, when you were a kid and could only dream of hoverboards - when you see a robot vacuum going about its business gobbling up dust bunnies under your sofa.

It’s a wild time to be alive; next stop The Jetsons.

In between watching our robot vacuum cleaners, spying on our pets home alone, and speaking to people who are at our front door via an app, the team here at Upside have been building a kind of robot of our own. It’s less a robot, and more a super computer.

Whilst it can’t yet beat you at a game of chess, or do a backflip, or even clean your floor, it does help teach you to become a fully fledged investment analyst, making money from your investment ideas. And that’s pretty cool.

The Upside ecosystem is built in levels, which you progress through as you reach investment goals. We will nudge you to start developing your investment ideas, expanding on reasoning, checking you’ve been reading up on the financials. Your ideas are ranked and scored and released into a marketplace where investors can search for and then buy these ideas.

The Upside ecosystem uses AI and machine learning, to figure out how you are reaching your conclusions about a company, and then thinks of ways it can help you get better. Upside will tell you when you’re hitting your goals, and where you need to sharpen up a bit to get your ideas sold, like a little robot teacher from the future.

The future is here, and it looks like Upside.

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