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The Paper Crane

Published on 04/06/2020

With just a small number of folds, a square piece of origami paper can be used to create any number of hugely intricate designs. From stars, elephants, flowers and frogs, to the more common crane.

Origami depicts both still life and movement.

To create something unique, the one thing that origami requires - other than a steady hand - is patience. There’s a science to the angles and folds, the density of the paper.

The grand master of origami, Akira Yoshizawa once said:

My origami creations, in accordance with the laws of nature, require the use of geometry, science, and physics. They also encompass religion, philosophy, and biochemistry. Overall, I want you to discover the joy of creation by your own hand. The possibility of creation from paper is infinite.

Sure, there will be mistakes along the way, screwed up pieces of coloured paper strewn across the floor, but there will also be fully formed, joyful puzzles just waiting to be admired.

Like origami, being a successful stock picking analyst, or an exceptional portfolio manager takes patience. Nurturing a stock idea, or a portfolio in an ever changing market takes time and practice.

Yes there will be scraps of ideas, notions or half formed thoughts strewn across the floor, but there will also be a unique product at the end of it.

At Upside, we guide you between the origami folds, nudging you and challenging you to make informed, and well defined investment decisions. It’s about practice, and about understanding the conditions you are working in. It’s about iterating and developing.

Just like with origami, with investing there’s a science to being right.

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