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The Origin Story

Published on 21/02/2020

As with superheroes, so it is with companies: the origin story. Where did the idea come from, and where are we going with it?

Before Superman, there was no one flying around saving lives in Metropolis (wearing lycra). Before Upside, no one has reimagined the world of investing (we’re not wearing lycra though).

After the 2008 crash, the entire banking sector started being reshaped, the first leg of this was led by ‘challengers’ like Revolut, Monzo, Starling and Anna. Customers are flooding to the new way of banking, taking back the power, and demanding transparency, flexibility, integrity and control. But an old fashioned bank isn’t just the customer facing side, it’s investments too.

The concept After 10 years working within the boundaries of the old system, the team here at Upside are setting fire to the rulebook and have built a code that democratises investing.

It was an idea born from the world of professional gaming, and TV streaming services. It was an idea to revolutionise an industry that hasn’t yet been revolutionised, making analysing professional and non-professional investment ideas alike easy, making stock picking accessible and enjoyable, and curating an investment portfolio open to anyone.

We’ve developed analytical programmes to monitor, evaluate and assess abstract ideas. We can rank them against market rates, giving them a value and in the process not only helping research departments in banks assess their analysts, but allowing anyone to submit investment ideas, to be measured, monitored, improved and yes… paid.

We know there is a science to being right.

For Banks The 2008 crash didn’t just give birth to a new way of banking, it changed the regulatory landscape. In this brave new world, research teams are having to explore new ways of working, and fresh and competent junior analysts are being lost in an old system that hasn’t quite found its way in this new environment.

See our article Dear Sell-side.

For years research teams at banks were creating acres of research for the buy side, and all for free. Now, because of regulatory directives, the buy-side has to pay. But it has yet to be determined what the right pricing structure is, leaving research teams in limbo, and keeping junior talent from rising through the ranks.

There is an Upside here. Using our technology, we can measure, evaluate and improve every research analyst anywhere.

We are partnering with the world’s largest research houses to give them tools to grow their teams and increase the value for the buyers of this research.

Welcome to the Upside.

For All Our technology levels the playing field and opens this industry up to everyone in a transparent way. We have figured out a way to help people get better at investing: a code that analyses ideas and then helps to improve them.

The same technology lets us evaluate ideas like tradable goods. We can create a marketplace where ideas can be exchanged, bought and sold.

Anyone with an idea about a company or stock can submit them to our online ecosystem. This idea is then analysed by our technology, and if the idea is good, you will be paid; the more good ideas submitted, the more you will be paid and the more levels are unlocked! In no time, you will be curating your own portfolio as an Investment Manager.

There’s an Upside to investing, and it’s here.

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