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The Masters

Published on 30/07/2020

There you stand on the first tee, wind blowing in your hair. Club in hand, and golf ball ready, preparing to take your shot.

“Drive for show, putt for dough”, you think to yourself.

The morning dew is still moistening the course, the smell of the freshly cut fairways transporting you to the here, the now. You have a whole morning ahead of you watching the fruits of your practice, coming to fruition. Get the first one away, and the rest of the round will be perfect!

You settle over the ball, knees slightly bent. “Keep your eyes on the ball!” you keep repeating to yourself. You slowly start your backswing, eyes glued to that middle distance between the ball and the impact zone, this is it. As the club head accelerates towards the ball... a crow swoops out of a nearby tree, drawing your attention, momentarily. Disaster, your shot is ruined.

The sliced ball bounces once, before hopping into those brambles you were resolutely not focusing on.

As you dejectedly make your way towards your ball, knowing this could be dropped shots, you think to yourself that you’re glad you signed up to Upside. Because if you were sitting at your laptop submitting all those great investment ideas, and a crow had thrown itself at your office window, or that earnings call missed expectations, startling you, Upside would have nudged you in the right direction again.

Upside helps you get back on course (pun intended), ensuring you are considering market conditions, sector or regional specifics, and company financials. It helps you focus on what is important, working tirelessly to get your investment idea positioned just right, so that it can be published on the Upside Marketplace, and sold at a price set by you, to investors on the system.

Over 18 holes, there are always bad shots, it is how you respond that defines your round!

There’s an art to golf, and a science to being right.

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