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The Hidden Door

Published on 20/08/2020

Behind the hidden door could be all manner of things. You’ve heard whispers about what’s there, and you’re curious to know, but maybe you won’t understand it.

On the other side it could be amazing, it could be fantastic!...But maybe it’s not for you, so perhaps you shouldn’t bother looking through it.

Hesitation. Trepidation. But then...you do. You open the door.

And so you should too, because what’s behind that door is perfectly attainable, perfectly understandable. It’s not just for a select club of people like the whisperers said. It’s for everyone! And YOU were the one that had the guts to open that door. Epic.

Behind that door is just the investment banking sector. It’s not a big deal. But it’s also a super big deal. Think of the opportunities, the possibilities! And now you can get involved too!

Hey, now you’ve opened the door, we can prop it open. Look, here’s a paperweight; no one uses paperweights anymore, it’s ok if it gets knocked. We’ve made a big green neon sign too, so that other people can see the door and join in.

Not sure where to start? Well that’s fair enough. They hid it behind this door for so long, it’s understandable that they’d make up some curious ways of doing things and their own language too. Let us clear those things up for you, make it easier.

Just head to that laptop, and take a seat. Log into the Upside website, and follow the instructions. You’ll be submitting great investment ideas in no time! Oh… you already have?! Great work. So now you can sell them! No need to get up, you can just click that button right there. Yep, that one.

You can set the price for your investment idea yourself. Whatever you think it’s worth. And yes, you can totally sell it twice, three times, twenty times!

See! Nothing to be worried about here behind the hidden door. Look, even the cat has come in and settled on your lap. Well, you might as well stay and add a couple more ideas then.

The world of investing can be scary sometimes, but it’s not when you’ve got the right guide. We’ve got your back, because at Upside, we know there’s a science to being right.

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