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The Curator

Published on 02/07/2020

A curator is a manager, an overseer. Someone who tends to a collection of artifacts in a museum. Or someone who collects a selection of weird and wonderful oddities. Or indeed, someone who selects beautiful items to sell in a shop.

The title invokes authority, diligence and care. It conjures images of nurturing; of stalking great halls when a museum has closed its doors to the public for the night, ensuring that the collection in their charge is safe and well.

Torn pages of important manuscripts are fixed, colours in centuries old paintings are reinvigorated after years of dirt and grime.

At Upside, Curator is the name we give to portfolio managers. Because that’s what they do. They carefully select investment ideas, tend to them, making sure they grow, and compliment the rest of their collection.

The museum to Upside is a Curation. A compilation of investment ideas that can be sold and acted upon by the person who buys them.

When market conditions change, as the curator of a museum would do, they update their collection. They change weights and names, they deftly tend to their Curation ensuring it remains the very best it can be.

Upside uses AI backed by science and observation to understand the nature of the Curator, and of the buyer. Our technology nudges, encourages and challenges, it weighs, measures and observes, ensuring that each Curation, like a priceless Van Gogh, is the crown jewel in the museum.

There’s an art to curation, and a science to being right.

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