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Published on 08/10/2020

When a book is made into a movie the age old argument will break out - which was better? Well in the case of Moneyball, we think it’s both. Have you read the book, or seen the movie? If not, stop what you’re doing and check it out.

The book, written by Michael Lewis, was subsequently turned into a film starring everyone’s hero Brad Pitt. Here’s the premise. Billy Beane is an ex-baseball player turned General Manager of the Oakland A’s, a US baseball team who were underfunded and perennially picked off by their wealthier cousins, like the NY Yankees. If you’ve never really understood the game of baseball that shouldn’t stop you. Please keep reading.

A combination of necessity and good fortune led to Billy deciding to look at the game in an entirely new way when recruiting new players. In steps Jonah Hill (in the movie, obvs - his real name is Peter Brand), a Yale educated economics graduate with a vision. The plan was to stop trying to copy the other teams and scouts, because in doing so, his and the A’s fortunes were pre-ordained. Instead, they used sabermetrics, mathematically calculating the skills and presence of traditionally less valued players to build a winning team.

Did it work out for Beane? Well you’ll just have to read the book, or watch the film to find out.

Like all ‘new’ ideas they are based on old ideas, re-discovered. The seed idea for Moneyball had been written about for some time by baseball fan and statistician Bill James; this concept of democratisation of information was reborn, but it took Beane and his team’s courage to embrace it.

The big takeaway: doing something different is scary and, for a time at least, lonely.
And so it was with the team at Upside. For many years the team had worked in the highly competitive and ruthless world of professional money management, competing with the established traditional investors, but finding themselves continuously outspent on all arenas.

As was the case in Oakland, we too needed to do something different. We needed to look at the game of investing in an entirely new way, and like the A’s we expected and found resistance from the establishment.

The result? The birth of an entirely new technology company, whose sole aim is to democratise investing. We realised investors were measuring the wrong things, so we’ve set about changing that, and we now we’ve cracked it. We’re here to make everyone’s lives easier, simpler and to save everyone money.

We believe there is a science to being right, not something pre-ordained or for the few. It is something that everyone can do!

To prove this idea, we are opening Upside to everyone everywhere. We will measure their ideas and rank them, offering suggestions about how to improve, specific to them. We get them to play on first base, or walk, when they might have been told to pitch or swing before.

The answer is in the numbers, and we’ve been looking at this problem all wrong for way too long.

Welcome to the Upside journey, where we are money-balling the money men and women, and democratising the world of investing for everyone.

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