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Knowledge is power

Published on 26/01/2022

Professional investors have access to a wide array of information and tools to pick from to develop their investment strategies, whilst retail investors are forced to stitch information together from disparate sources with potentially questionable validity. With so much retail money in the market, how can this be fair?

Whilst working at a hedge fund, the founders of Upside saw this stark information gulf, and so decided to right it by building the Upside mobile app.

So, what is Upside about?

Upside is reimagining what stock trading means for retail investors by layering in tools and techniques from the world of professional portfolio management.

We are breaking down the barriers between the professional and retail worlds, providing the data, insight, process, and skill that can allow retail investors to make more informed and intentional decisions, as a path towards a more sustainable approach to investing.

But what does the app do?

Your investing journey in the Upside app starts in Discovery where you will be able to find the stocks you care about and add them to your Watchlist. You can deep dive into each company learning price movements, ESG ratings, financials and more.

The stocks in your Watchlist curate your bespoke Feed, which provides a continually updating selection of insights, from analyst ratings, news articles from the likes of Reuters, CNBC and The Motley Fool, technical indicators and investment Ideas from other Upside users.

Once you have conducted a full analysis of the stocks in your Watchlist using the tools at hand, we encourage you to put your thoughts down in the form of an Idea.

Like a professional Portfolio Manager, you will lay out your thesis on the stock, setting out the direction (bullish or bearish), price prediction, time horizon as well as your rationale. This will provide you and others with a clear view of what you think will happen to this stock, when it will happen and why, therefore, building a framework from which to start investing.

This investment Idea will be shared with other Upside users in their Feed, sparking debate via the comments section.

What’s on the cards for the future?

Building upon Idea development, in the coming weeks we will be releasing the Portfolio Builder which helps users structure an optimally weighted bespoke portfolio.

Trading is a high priority too, as we believe that a huge number of investors across the many trading platforms would see huge benefits in investing their money through Upside instead.

Scoring and feedback will also follow, using machine learning and AI to develop investors habits and confidence. These proprietary formulas have been developed over many years, tested and applied in a successful hedge fund environment.

A timeline of our planned features is available on our website.

What are the app's newest features?

Last week we released the first of our community engagement features: comments.

Add a comment to your Idea to expand your rationale, and comment on someone else's Idea - ask questions, pose another view... start the conversation!

You can reply to comments too. This is our first release of comments, with a few more enhancements to come. Set up push notifications on your phone to receive a message any time someone comments on your Ideas.

We've also added seven new Discover categories including Asian and US Top 20, topical and performance stocks, as well as ESG focussed (environmental, social and governance) lists.

On the back of this, ESG continues to be a dominant theme, so to make it easier for you to understand a company's position when it comes to ESG we've created an ESG rating at the bottom of each instrument page, with data from ESG Enterprise.

Finally, financial literacy is one of our key goals and so to kickstart our Upside Academy programme we've developed a selection of two-minute videos on the fundamentals of investing which can be found on our YouTube channel and in the app.

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