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Investment 3.0

Published on 17/01/2022

Data and technology are changing everything. We see this change daily across every part of our lives: medicine, entertainment, travel. Finance too has seen a great change: payments, money, ownership. It is time for the next generation of investing technology to catch up and surpass.

In the history of investing the dual threads of speculation and consideration have sat next to each other, indistinguishable for large periods of time. From the South Sea Bubble in 1720 to the launch of ETFs in the 1990s we have seen investing change dramatically, but with the separation of consumable information and capital being bridged by experts, and for fees.

Over the last decade, we have seen the inexorable rise in passive investing, the Fed by quantitative easing and the collapse of volatility sped up with the increase in globalisation. Products packaged in every shape and size bewilder us, with their thematic, sectoral and regional tilts.

Yet still, the information sits away from the capital, still the investor is allowed only the barest of details. Trust being the rubicon each pound, yen, euro, dollar - and now bitcoin - must traverse.

At Upside we imagine this world differently. Investing is rooted in fact, and information is everywhere. We believe that we can bring the world of the elite professional hedge fund manager and place it in the hands of everyone.

We know that investing is not what most are interested in, yet it is something that most do and everyone should. Our pensions, our ISAs, our 401k’s, our retirement, our kids, our homes, our rainy days, our way out are all tied up in investments.

In investing 3.0 we see collaboration being the key, not competition or seclusion. Everyone, everywhere has ideas, insights and opinions, and we can harness these individually to provide feedback for refinement and improvement, and we can create ‘super’ investors in the collective.

These investments can then form the bedrock of portfolios in which the community as a whole may participate; a decentralised Fidelity, or Blackrock, a multi-manager hedge fund with 100,000 analysts. And it can all be done for less, much less, offering a solution to the eternal fee drag.

By creating a decentralised optimised ecosystem, we believe we can usher in a new world of investing, and investment management, that allows for everyone to have a unique and bespoke journey, but by also allowing everyone to participate and benefit. Welcome to the Upside.

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