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Investing in Magic

Published on 06/08/2020

It’s been 23 years since Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was published in the UK, and it is now a right of passage for children to escape in the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry.

Anyone with a pre-teen or older will have spent hours reading Harry Potter at bedtime, spent long car journeys listening to Stephen Fry recount the magical trio’s escapades, and spent family movie night watching the Death Eaters escape from Azkaban.

The lucky few will have had sojourns into The Worst Witch, or Sabrina, and have the Twilight Saga on the cards when their children turn into teens. But the Harry Potter series has drawn us all into the excitement of magic.

To many people, investing can feel like magic too. It can be an impenetrable world full of mystery, but as Albus Dubmledore said: “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”. Welcome to Upside, where we use the Lumos spell to cast that light, and bring happiness to your investing skills.

At Upside, we believe that anyone can make money from learning how to translate their investment ideas into something tangible. All we need from you is your ideas, and we’ll do the rest.

Our AI technology nudges you in the right direction when you stray off course, it pushes you to make considered predictions based on data, and so helps you gain confidence and become more accurate.

We know that anyone can have good investment ideas, but that many people don’t know how to put this into practice, so we’ve built a place where you can learn and test yourself, until you are ready to go pro and fly (on that broomstick) solo.

When you team with Upside, the golden snitch is within reach. You call it magic, we call it Upside, the Science of Being Right.

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