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Hidden Talents

Published on 22/04/2021

The anonymity of moving to a big city can at first seem overwhelming. You can walk through the busy streets being jostled, part of a crowd all making their way to this place or that. It can make you feel alone, until you realise the power that anonymity gives you.

You’re never going to see the person you fell over in front of again, not in a city of nine million people. This isn’t a rom com, this is real life, and if you look like a wally for five minutes, well, who cares because the next moment the crowd has swallowed you up and off you go on your merry way. You can be anyone, unencumbered by societal norms or expectation, if only for a moment.

Since a discrimination case was brought against the New York Philharmonic in 1969 blind auditions have been a standard practice, bringing that big city vibe to some of the most exclusive seats in the house. This has expanded equality at a number of orchestras, and the format has now been turned into two similar format talent TV shows: The Voice and The Masked Singer. Here, musicians are measured on skill alone, not on gender, race, appearance or any other myriad factors that might mean an otherwise talented musician doesn’t get the gig.

The world is inherently biased, whether it is skin colour, gender, age, appearance, wealth, background… It is exhausting, and outdated. Discrimination in whatever form lurks in the deep receses of our everyday lives - including in financial services. But at Upside, we don’t take kindly to it; it has no space in our team, our world, or in our ecosystem.

So we decided we were going to take The Voice to the next level!

We’ve done this by making the Upside ecosystem a completely anonymised space; allowing users to be measured on their skill alone - we don’t factor in any of the other stuff, just the Ideas and Curations you build and the effort you put in.

A user's score is built by measuring an Idea's price accuracy, time accuracy, the creator’s conviction level, the direction and actual return of the Idea. At Upside, we are looking to fundamentally change how people invest by investing in our users: helping them understand when their ideas were good, or bad, and importantly why. Understanding both is key - we all have off days, but when does a trend emerge, and how can it be dealt with?

By measuring the scientific and the human you can get to the crux of something that is holding you back, and at Upside we want everyone to get a chance, and for those who are great, to flourish!

This score will help users to understand themselves and where they need to tune up, but also will help guide investors as to how skilled the analyst is who is building the Idea they are interested in buying. It’s transparency, without it being revealing.

Sing from the rooftops, because now you can be whoever you want to be! There’s a science to being right.

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