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Getting It Right

Published on 16/04/2020

As we move from childhood into adulthood, we tend to become increasingly scared of getting it wrong. Children see the world differently, without the constraints and rules of adulthood.

They don’t have to sit through a three hour board meeting after a hellish commute on the tube wedged between two people who obviously haven’t brushed their teeth. They don’t have the worries of the next mortgage payment, or when the MOT is due. They are seeing the world for the first time and figuring it out; no small feat.

But this means that children have imaginations unconstrained by time or just life really, and because of this they are not scared of getting it wrong. They are bias free. They are all mini-superforecasters.

Upside isn’t built for children (although we realise picking between ice cream flavours, chocolate types and Paw Patrol pups would be a pretty cool too!), but it is built to enable you to awaken your inner childhood confidence: we empower you to be unafraid of getting it wrong when making predictions and investing. Getting it wrong is a part of predicting.

Upside works on the premise that experience does not always equal skill in the investment world; in fact, sometimes the very opposite. Our ecosystem measures progress and offers nudges and guidance to help you understand the world of finance unconstrained by adult fear, so you can get it right.

There’s a science to being right.

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