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Fresh Beginnings

Published on 03/09/2020

With September comes fresh beginnings. The dewey summer mornings give way to crisper ones. The world starts up again after the summer lull. The leaves start turning from greens into reds, then yellows, and browns.

University towns vacate the holiday makers in place of Freshers, and school children appear again, some drowning in uniforms they’ll grow into, with oversized book bags on their backs.

Here at Upside, we’re always learning, whatever the month. Partly because we have an ex-maths teacher in our midst, but mainly because there is so much to learn when it comes to investing, behavioural science, predicting and financial analysis.

It’s an exciting field, with many interconnected threads. These threads are all intertwined within Upside, plaited together like a fancy pastry by machine learning and predictive technologies.

Upside is creating something brand new, something the world has never seen before: a revolutionary marketplace where investors, investment analysts and portfolio managers connect and exchange ideas. It’s a space for professionals, novices, students; anyone with an idea can come and trade that idea, and make money.

We’re backed by science and maths (thanks to our maths teacher), to create an ecosystem which is truly unique and a space which is open to everyone, whatever their level, whatever their idea. We measure, weigh, analyse and think, all so you can input the bare bones of an idea and create something truly magnificent, or if you’re an investor, so that you can buy that truly magnificent idea without having to worry about everything that goes with it.

So, as we mourn the loss of the warmer days, here at Upside we are toasting to fresh beginnings, new ideas, learning and developing. Because at Upside, we know there’s a science to being right.

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