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Drawing Conclusions

Published on 07/05/2020

These days, being bombarded with information from all corners of our life leaves us open to accepting ‘fact’ as data.

One story shared millions of times on social media, about a new mortgage on the market that comes with no strings attached and quarterly payments, could lead us to believe it is a credible story without fact checking.

But by digging deeper into the story, validating it amongst all the other stories, we see this was the outlier, and in fact the best kind of mortgage to get is one that is managed by a credible, regulated company, where payments and communication are regular.

Often though, we will share a story without ever checking if it was true. We accept a story uncritically if it confirms what we’d like to be true, rejecting any story that contradicts it. The ordinary stories fall by the wayside because that’s exactly what they are: ordinary. This goes for anything from health, science, business and finance.

The story we share could just as easily be someone curing cancer through diet alone, or a self made millionaire that didn’t go to university, despite us knowing that there is a positive correlation between higher education and salary.

At Upside, we’re big on research.

Upside guides and nudges users to research, analyse and develop skills in accurately predicting how companies and markets will react in certain conditions, across all industries. We’re about gathering and analysing all the information you can get your hands on, modifying your ideas as that sweet data rolls in.

Our ecosystem teaches users how to analyse to get the best results, so you can become a stock picker extraordinaire. Which is good for your investing skills, and well, your real life too. Because let’s face it, no one wants to be the person who started a false viral rumour on the internet.

There’s a science to being right, and it’s here, at Upside.

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