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Discovering New Worlds

Published on 18/06/2020

In May of this year, two astronauts were propelled into space for the first time in over a decade from US soil.

It’s an engineering marvel that we can travel outside of the earth’s orbit with, seemingly, such ease. These two NASA astronauts will see the world from one of its most majestic perspectives, at a time when everyone left behind is learning to navigate through such a strange and often unsettling time.

One of the founders of Upside was, in a past life, a rocket scientist, and we like to imagine him with his lab coat furiously putting together mathematical equations so as to build his very own spaceship. And maybe he did, and that spaceship took him here where he could help build Upside and change the face of investing, forever.

At Upside, we like to think of ourselves as astronauts, seeing things from a different perspective, and embracing others that do the same. We are building something uncharted, we are forging the path towards a world where investing is decentralised, where the shackles (or rocket ship stabilisers) have come off.

Whilst our code doesn’t necessarily shoot people into space, it does expand their horizons and open them up to new and exciting investment possibilities.

Upside is a marketplace for people across the world who are - or want to become - analysts and portfolio managers, competing in an open and truly democratic ecosystem. Upside weighs and measures these investment ideas, and nudges users to make amendments based on market conditions. When they are ready, the ideas can be sold to investors who can search for, and create, pre-built or bespoke portfolios themselves.

The view is good from here, so why not join us?

We know there’s a science to being right, it isn’t rocket science, but it has been built by one!

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