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Analysing the Analyst

Published on 14/05/2020

No one has ever said being a research analyst is an easy job.

There is never thanks when you are right, but plenty of criticism when you are wrong. Hundreds of hours of work, understanding the competitors, supply chains, pricing pressures and macroeconomic conditions.

How do you sit in front of a company’s CFO and say I’m underweight your stock? Do you? Can you?

It is not for the faint hearted.

But there is an Upside.

We have developed an ideas lab that allows you to analyse yourself. To coach yourself, to get better, to give you confidence in the calls you are making.

Upside’s clever AI is based upon hundreds of thousands of observations. We have built tools that guide and nudge users to improve their research and analysis skills.

Users learn to accurately predict how companies and markets will react in all situations, across all markets and industries.

We’ve compiled a list of the things you will need to get started as an analyst at Upside (other than an internet connection):

  1. Stay updated: Read and research sector specific and general news from multiple sources: from news sites to government reports, from academic papers to Twitter. Track the companies you are interested in and the industry as a whole. Where possible, network and get new viewpoints, and keep in touch with company management. Keep up to date with forecasts and earnings estimates, taking time during earnings season to deep dive into the numbers.
  2. Analyse: Financial modelling, projections, regression models and company due diligence, it is important to analyse all the data collected. The analysis should be both qualitative and quantitative, and can then be used to make informed decisions on investment ideas. Immerse yourself in the data and turning the ideas around, thinking of new scenarios or outcomes in different economic conditions.
  3. Keep going: Keep returning to the same ideas, keep analysing and measuring them against current economic trends and climates. Keep reading and stay updated. Keep revising and refining your ideas.
  4. Believe in yourself: Because being right is about learning to be wrong. The beauty of Upside is that this can be done anywhere with an internet connection: your bed or garden, or even from a beach in the Maldives, should you be so lucky. You’re not tied to a desk or a commute, you’re tied only to the work you can do, from wherever you want to do it.

There’s an Upside to changing the way you work, and a science to being right.

Join the Upside revolution.

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