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Accessing Choice

Published on 28/01/2021

Here at Upside, we want a fairer, more accessible and open world for everyone. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to submit investment ideas, have them tested and analysed, and be able to connect with people who can buy them.

In London, before ride-sharing apps were available, black cabs were the only taxis in the city. These cabs were, and still are a great way to get around, driven by women and men with extraordinary maps for brains, and an ability to talk to anyone about pretty much anything.

Then a host of ride-sharing and vehicle hire apps came onto the market, and the late-night cab market changed instantly. Not just late nights, but daytimes, early mornings and mid-afternoons too.

All of a sudden, we were able to hire other mediums of transport, with or without other people - strangers - riding with us, to take us directly to our destination. And we had the power to do it from our phones, rather than standing out in the street, under an umbrella getting splashed by passing cars.

These companies like Carrot Cars, Uber and Addison Lee opened up the taxi market, changing it irrevocably. Whatever side of the fence you sit on in the debate of whether these new entrants into the market are good or bad, it has brought about choice.

And that’s what the new world is all about, giving people choice. It’s the same as who you choose to have your food shopping delivered by: Ocado, Tesco, Waitrose, now even Aldi are in the groceries delivery game.

Other services - like investing - are harder to open up, but here at Upside, we love a challenge! We decided we wanted to give people direct access to investment ideas, and choice.

One key factor in creating a stellar investment idea is access to market data - for the person on the street, for the person without connections, or a foot in the financial door, market data is expensive, almost unobtainable. Who has access to market data on their home computer? Raise your hands if you do! No? Well, we want to open it up to everyone!

More choice, more access, more availability means more ideas. More ideas lead to more opinions and more options. When you go shopping for biscuits you don’t just want one type! You want Party Rings, Jammy Dodgers, choc chip cookies, the lot! (Jaffa Cakes don’t count.)

Upside has open-sourced investing. It’s a community of diversity, of different experiences, of variety and eventually of change.

The premise of Upside is that anyone can have a great investment idea - it doesn’t necessarily take experience or skill. Investment ideas can come in a flash to anyone, whether a school teacher, a PR Manager, a nail technician or an investment analyst.

So if you have an idea about the watch you’re wearing, or the shoes you just bought, about your food delivery company, or the taxi company that just brought you home, you now have a space to submit these ideas. We want your thoughts on every stock name, we want to help you refine those ideas, and then connect you with those who want to buy those ideas.

Welcome to open-sourced investing. Welcome to the Upside.

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